We care greatly about your books!


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About Our Shipping Process

We care about you. We understand that each book is a treasure that you safeguard. That's why we wrap all orders by hand, to ensure that the quality of the wrapping material used, and that the wrapping methods employed are of our standard of quality and care.

We wrap all our orders using at least 3 layers of high quality bubblewrap. This will ensure that regardless of the destination, your book will arrive in pristine condition.

Our Return & Exchange Policy

We are also bookworms, so we completely understand if you're not satisfied with the condition of the book you receive. For any major damage (such as but not limited to dents, folds, and mutilation) not previously made known to you, we promise to replace your book with a new one.


Simply let us know what the damage was through the chat bubble on the lower right side of the screen, then proceed to ship the book back to us using the details we'll provide you. Don't worry, we'll cover the shipping fee of the return as well as that of the replacement. Just sit back and relax, we've got your back!