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SUMMARY: Learn how to #IPONPAMORE with “My Ipon Diary,” a book and guide that will teach you practical and simple steps to start saving more! Importante ang pagtabi ng pera pero hindi talaga nagagawa ng karamihan. “My Ipon Diary” can make you, your loved ones, your friends, and your officemates to become an IPONARYO para maging MILYONARYO!



  • To help you IPON PA MORE.
  • Give you IPON TIPS to show you it can be done.
  • CHALLENGE you to save money in the next 52 weeks.
  • To open your eyes to the reality that saving money is POSSIBLE.
  • To help you reach your saving GOALS.
  • Make financial freedom a POSSIBILITY.

My Ipon Diary: Maging Iponaryo Para Umasenso by Chinkee Tan

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    3.90★ / 5★

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    Brand new paperback.

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    Business, Self-help